Poetry collection is published

Kirkcudbright author Anne Micklethwaite, a member of the town’s Gallery Writers group,  has published a collection of poetry.

A Cup of  Tea and a Poem reflects the way that Anne’s work often echoes the legendary Japanese female poets who identified with the cycles of nature in order to deal with loss. This is clearly shown in “Wave Lullaby”, where she consoles all of us who have loved and lost:

“as though rocked

in water’s comfort

where all tears join

in one blue ocean

that knows no parting.”

 She also tells us stories, as in “Jam Making”, with its deeper meaning of preserving memories.  There is a lot of sharp observation i.e – “New moon, nail paring” and  “jigsaw marked cattle”.

There is much joy and radiance in Anne’s poems. Nature dances and the sun shines as often as the moon.

The book can be purchased at:

The Gallery – Kirkcudbright

Thompson’s News – Kirkcudbright

Gallovidia Books – Kirkcudbright

The Galloway Lodge – Gatehouse of Fleet

Barry Smart, newsagent, – Castle Douglas

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One thought on “Poetry collection is published

  1. There is some lovely poetry here, showing a different side to Anne from some of her stories. I read a couple of them to a friend in the last days of her life and she seemed to be calmed from the awful agitation that she was feeling at the time. Well done Anne (and John for the wonderful photography).


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