An entertaining interview

It’s well worth checking out an entertaining and thought-provoking interview with author and academic Gerry Hassan ahead of his appearance at Kirkcudbright Book Week in the latest of our podcasts at

In the interview, Gerry examines his love of writing and also refers to the talk he will deliver during Book Week, which will examine Scotland’s future against a background of the independence debate and will take place on Thursday March 2 at The Garret Hotel & Restaurant, 116 High Street, Kirkcudbright, at 11am. Tickets cost £6

The independence debate is the defining issue of our times in Scotland with huge implications not just for the people who live here, but the rest of the UK and internationally and in his recently-published book Scotland Rising: The Case for Independence, Gerry explores where the debate is going. He examines both sides of the argument, examines the importance of culture, stories and collective voices in reshaping how people see Scotland and seeks out the thoughts of people who have historically haven’t voted or see themselves as don’t knows.

Now living in Kirkcudbright, Gerry is known through his work as Professor of Social Change at Glasgow Caledonian University and as a leading commentator on Scottish and UK politics, Gerry is the author of a number of books, including The People’s Flag and the Union Jack and Caledonian Dreaming.

How to acquire your tickets

Tickets for both paid-for and a number of the free events during Kirkcudbright Book Week 2023 can be booked by visiting and searching for Kirkcudbright Book Week Collection where all the events are listed. Alternatively, a direct link can be accessed via the book week website’s Acquire Your Tickets section  at

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