Into the light…

The season of impenetrable nights that begin in mid-afternoon and mornings that are shrouded in darkness until 9am is slowly receding into memory as winter starts to leave us for another year and the strengthening light reveals banks of waving daffodils as the miracle of Spring returns once more.

What better way to celebrate Dumfries and Galloway’s passage from dark into light than with the week of terrific literary events that begins in Kirkcudbright on Monday February 27?

There were several reasons for deciding to hold Kirkcudbright Book Week at the end of February/start of March and one of the key ones was the desire to celebrate people’s emergence from darkness once more.

Clearly, a lot of people agree because we have had more than 270 bookings for the 15 events, most of which still have tickets left. It’s not too late to book but be quick as a number of events are rapidly approaching sell-outs, joining the three for which all the places have already gone.

Whichever events you attend, we hope you enjoy the experience.

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