Book Week dates for 2024 are announced

We are delighted to announce that the next Kirkcudbright Book Week will be held between March 4-9, 2024, and will again include World Book Day for young readers, on Thursday March 7.

The team at Kirkcudbright Book Week Society is already hard at work putting the programme together.

This year’s Book Week, which ended on March 4 and was the second to be held, comprised fifteen events featuring appearances by many authors, as well as affording community writing groups the chance to perform in front of audiences.

More than 400 people attended events that included talks, recitals and meet-the-author sessions as well as providing the opportunity to purchase books from the writers taking part. Book Week included appearances from authors working in genres ranging from poetry, short stories, novels and non-fiction to children’s writing, crime fiction, travel writing and history.

Kirkcudbright Book Week Society is supported by a number of local organisations and venues.

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